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An almost 40 year old tower crane at a shipyard in Rotterdam was inspected by MIT. The main purpose of this technical inspection was to determine what repairs and adjustments needed to be done to get the crane back in service. After a longer period of very limited to no use of the crane it would be operational again, because the yard area including the 60-ton tower crane was leased for the coming period.

The findings and work carried out by MIT included overhauling one of the travelling engines, restoring rusted off railings, loosening, adjusting and partly replacing the brakes for travelling, trolley travelling, and slewing. In addition, performing the necessary lubrication maintenance and renewing the oil in all gearboxes, supplying and replacing the carbon brushes of the slip rings body, restoring the end limit switches and supplying and replacing a faulty controller in the crane cabin.

Also, the load limiter was tested and the slewing ring clearance was measured, the hoisting block with hook was tested and a new lifting cable was supplied and fitted.

Parallel MIT has restored the open power supply for this crane with 3 copper wires. These 3 electrolytic hard drawn copper wires are located in a sunk covered groove below the entire length of the crane track. MIT has supplied and installed the missing suspensions and the end clamps, all equipped with insulators. The 3 current collectors on the crane were reused.

The crane is then found to be in order and taken back into use.

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