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MIT has been working on the renovation of a travelling deck crane on a dredger. After years of intensive use the intention of the customer planned to completely overhaul the crane to be ready for many years to come. MIT made a complete plan of action that was realized thereafter.

All hydraulic drivelines were delivered new, namely two hoisting winches, an slewing drive and a travelling drive. The crane travelling wheels and guiding wheels incl. all shafts, bearings and bushings and the connecting pins for mounting the crane boom are newly delivered. For the crane travelling movement 30 toothed rack elements were produced and delivered.

For the delivery and production of all components MIT has relied on the original specifications and details of the original construction files of this crane, as we have it for each Bailey crane at our disposal.

All components were then packed, labeled and sorted and where possible already assembled, all prepared for a quick assembly.

MIT sent 3 crane engineers to Dubai to perform the revision of the crane during a 12-week docking of the ship. Therefore the crane was gradually dismantled and removed in parts (boom slewing platform, portal, wheel bogies). All construction parts were then blasted and preserved. After assembly of the crane parts the crane was reassembled using all new components supplied. Meanwhile on-board the crane track was replaced over the entire length under supervision of MIT, on which the new supplied toothed racks were welded on.

After repositioning the crane it was put back into operation and tested.

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