Getting to know the demand behind your request, is what characterizes our approach. Our commitment is reflected in proposing a solution for what you really need. A multidisciplinary approach allows us to offer our customers a full service, so they can focus on their core business.

Overhead traveling cranes, gantry cranes and column cranes in all sizes and tonnage can be delivered custom made by MIT. Especially for hall cranes and gantry cranes with a high to very high workload MIT is your partner for high-quality yet affordable solutions. In cranes with a SWL of more than 100T per hook, we are specialized with our customized solutions. Here we can include the engineering of the runway even as an integrated part of the industrial hall construction. Read more

The base of our experience is a variety of mechanical systems, controls and specific constructions for cranes, and so MIT is also active in movable structures in which these techniques are also applied. Read more

To make a crane suitable for lifting personel or manriding, has been identified repeatedly by MIT. In these customized exercise we appoint the necessary modifications to be carried out on the valve to make it suitable for manriding. Read more

When expert inspecting all types of cranes a report containing our findings will be delivered by MIT, illustrated with pictures of the specific issues. Our inspection exceeds a periodic inspection, since we also assess the status of all critical components in detail. Read more

MIT provides maintenance, repair and replacement of crane tracks. This concerns crane track on any type of surface, and includes crane tracks for deck cranes on ships. We supply crane tracks and the necessary anchoring and foundations, such as concrete or gravel, if desired as a turnkey project. Read more

Based on our experience on multidisciplinary issues and the practical implementation if it we often develop custom solutions.
 Then we start an engineering process for supporting and detailing after which we apply these solutions. Often together with our engineers we get to to an even better solution in this process. Read more

Starting 2009 MIT is the supplier for all parts and components for the drivelines, the control and the construction of Bailey cranes. This concerns each gantry crane, overhead crane, swivel rocker crane, tower crane, grab crane, traversing crane, ship crane, gantry crane, deck crane and offshore crane that was manufactured over the years by Bailey in Nieuw-Lekkerland (later Bailey Techno Group). Read more

Based on our experience on larger repair and overhaul work for older cranes we have carried out various restoration projects for industrial heritage. Of course with a focus on cranes, but also for drive lines of elder moving structures, and even for antique fire hydrants and water powered alarm bells we have done restoration projects. Read more

MIT provides a wide variety of cable sheaves. Especially when it concerns replacement of cable sheaves MIT is the right contact. We deliver cable sheaves according to your request into the desired performance. For urgent deliveries MIT will look for a suitable solution. Read more